Why is Terrazzo Considered Low Maintenance?

Why is Terrazzo Considered Low Maintenance?

During the entire lifespan of a building it would seem likely that repairs and restoration would be necessary. With that, opting for flooring that requires simple maintenance can save on time and money. Terrazzo is known for being a “low maintenance” material. A low maintenance flooring system like terrazzo can help building owners save on repairs, materials, and labor throughout the entire lifespan of the building.

Terrazzo floor maintenance is crucial to keep your floors looking their best. At Andreola Terrazzo & Restorations Inc., we specialize in providing high-quality maintenance services to ensure the longevity and beauty of your terrazzo floors. With our expertise and attention to detail, you can trust us to handle all your terrazzo floor maintenance needs with precision and care. 

Composition of Terrazzo

Terrazzo consists of chips of granite, glass, serpentine, marble, quartz, shells, and other aggregates set in concrete or epoxy. These are blended and finished to produce surfaces with a smooth texture. Once sealed properly, the material is highly resistant to water and stain damage. As it is non-porous it doesn’t easily absorb bacteria or water. 


Terrazzo is remarkably easy to clean and maintain using earth-friendly products. The floor should be swept, or dry dust mopped regularly when dealing with dirt and debris from normal foot traffic. Liquid spills such as coffee, water, ketchup, and other liquids can be simply wiped up. Terrazzo flooring can be cleaned with a broom, and then damp-mopped with plain water.  

A neutral cleaning solution can be used to clean anything sticky from the floor. Acidic or alkaline cleaners should not be used on terrazzo as they will eventually dull the shine of the terrazzo.  

Terrazzo Restoration

Even though Terrazzo floors are amazingly strong and durable, they do occasionally need to be restored. In the rare case where this is needed, they can easily be restored to their original luster and/or have areas brought back to their original perfection. Restoration may be needed if an extremely heavy object was dropped causing a crack, equipment was dragged across the floor leaving scratches, etc. 

Unlike some other types of flooring, terrazzo does not have to be removed and replaced when it gets damaged. The damaged area is repaired using a mix of aggregates and colors to exactly match the floor, then the entire floor is ground and refinished. The entire floor does not have to be replaced. The length of time required to restore an area of a terrazzo floor is dependent upon several factors such as the size of the area, the complexity of design, and the access. Restoration is generally complete within a few days to a week.

Boerne City Hall

Andreola Terrazzo Restoration Inc. provided 4,500 square feet of epoxy terrazzo flooring, treads and risers, and a custom logo at a newly constructed City Hall.

Dallas Brain Institute

Our team provided two-color flooring and a precast staircase at the Dallas Brain Institute.

Dan G. Rogers Rotunda 

Here our team created 18,000 square feet of terrazzo flooring. It is white marble aggregate with purple chips, the school colors. Plus, a striking precast terrazzo structural staircase which is unique because it features wider treads at the bottom, narrowing as it ascends with a mid-landing connection to the second floor.

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Terrazzo Information Pack for Professionals

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