The Differences Between Cementitious Terrazzo and Epoxy Terrazzo

Terrazzo consists of chips of marble, granite, glass, and other substances decoratively set in either cement or epoxy.  It is polished until smooth to display ornate decorative patterns of colored specks.  

Terrazzo has evolved as new technologies emerge. The modern epoxy resin system transformed elements of design and installation, and broadened the applications. Terrazzo’s versatility brought designers to treat a floor area as a blank canvas providing the freedom to create unique color schemes and designs.

What is Cementitious Terrazzo?

Cementitious terrazzo flooring is the setting of the aggregates in cement.  In comparison with epoxy terrazzo flooring, cementitious terrazzo is considerably thicker and heavier making it the ideal choice in some applications. 

Cementitious epoxy terrazzo flooring offers a diverse selection of intricate designs showcasing a variety of color schemes and natural Earth tones. This type of terrazzo is significantly thicker and can withstand considerable impact.  

Cementitious terrazzo is durable and resilient, lasting many years with minimal maintenance.  

  • Cementitious terrazzo is suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications and will thrive in extreme UV-ray exposure.
  • Cementitious terrazzo offers a broad color palette, but the colors are not as vibrant as epoxy terrazzo.
  • Cementitious terrazzo can take longer to cure, around 28 days.
  • Cement terrazzo can crack or chip over time.
  • The installation of a cementitious terrazzo system requires a professional.

What is Epoxy Terrazzo?

Epoxy terrazzo flooring is a captivating option that combines epoxy and aggregates, creating a seamless and durable surface. This exquisite blend is expertly bound in a thin-set system, forming a stunning masterpiece for any space. An unlimited array of colors along with shimmering pieces of glass, marble, or granite combine to a luxurious and smooth finish. The unlimited range of colors and intricate patterns provides infinite design capabilities.    

Epoxy terrazzo has the advantage of speed of curing. You can expect the curing process to finish overnight. Polishing can be performed on the very next day, accelerating the turnaround time of any project. For this reason alone, many commercial and institutional establishments choose epoxy terrazzo.

  • Epoxy terrazzo systems do not require constant maintenance.
  • Under the most ambient conditions, curing epoxy terrazzo can be finished overnight, and ready to be polished the following day.
  • Epoxy terrazzo offers a glossy and non-porous finish.
  • Epoxy terrazzo is less likely to encounter fine-line cracking or chipping over time.
  • You have unlimited color scheme choices making it easier to experiment with unique patterns and designs.
  • Moisture vapor transmissions can damage the surface area of epoxy terrazzo.
  • Epoxy terrazzo is not recommended for outdoor applications as excessive direct exposure to UV can damage epoxy terrazzo surfaces.
  • Epoxy terrazzo system requires professional installation.

Both cementitious and epoxy terrazzo are practical, affordable flooring solutions offering striking visuals to commercial, institutional and residential spaces. Durable and low-maintenance, terrazzo lends timeless elegance to any space.

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