Terrazzo’s Design Capabilities

Terrazzo’s Design Capabilities

Terrazzo is a highly durable material that lasts for decades. The composite material Terrazzo consists of can vary from chips of granite, glass, serpentine, marble, quartz, shells, to other aggregates. The composite is set in either concrete or epoxy. The use and location of the terrazzo would determine whether concrete or epoxy would be used. For example, outdoor terrazzo would be set in concrete whereas indoor floors are often set in epoxy.

You can see the variable uses and design capabilities of terrazzo in settings such as airports, hospitals, schools, restaurants, office buildings, commercial properties and even on famous Hollywood Blvd.

Terrazzo’s functionality makes it an excellent material for flooring, base, stairs, countertops, benches, medallions, and other custom made materials.

The design possibilities are endless as terrazzo has a variety of aggregate combinations, colors, and materials possible. There is also a variety of colors available allowing any design to come to life and last beautifully. There is an infinite number of colors available with epoxy terrazzo. Cementitious terrazzo also has many colors available although they may not be as vivid as those set in an epoxy base.

Divider strips, generally made of zinc, aluminum, or brass, are used to shape the layout and separate the change of color in the design. The divider strip separates the colors and creates a sharp boundary to define the pattern. The size of the aggregate can be changed for customization of any patterns or designs. When repairing and restoring terrazzo, aggregates and colors of the existing floor are used for a seamless repair.

Terrazzo allows for an endless range of colors and designs for:

  • Logos and medallions to display company, school, or business brand
  • Mosaics to add art and geometric patterns
  • Simplicity with ‘solid’ terrazzo
  • Free-flowing lines to make pathways or walkways
  • Directional signs and arrows

To view more images of the enduring beauty of terrazzo flooring, please visit our gallery.

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Terrazzo Information Pack for Professionals

Terrazzo Information Pack for Professionals

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