Terrazzo – The Environmentally Friendly Solution

Terrazzo – The Environmentally Friendly Solution

With its limitless design capability and a lifespan that often exceeds the building in which it’s installed, terrazzo is undoubtedly one of the most aesthetically pleasing and resilient flooring types available. Terrazzo is not limited to floors, though.It’s also eminently suitable for stairs, countertops, wall panels, medallions, backsplashes and even tables and lamps. The size and combination of the aggregates is used to produce a customized look that will complement any space.

Terrazzo is also one of the most environmentally friendly products you could use.

The aggregate used in terrazzo is largely recycled chips of post-consumer glass, granite, marble, shells, quarts and other naturally forming substances set in concrete or epoxy. Epoxy is low VOC and once polymerized is inert.Epoxy terrazzo is a favorite choice in “green” buildings.

Maintenance of terrazzo flooring is also environmentally sound. Bleach, ammonia, harsh chemicals and abrasives are not only not required to clean terrazzo, they are strongly recommended against. Many times, sweeping or dust mopping and washing with plain water will keep terrazzo clean and fresh. If a cleaning solution is needed, a diluted neutral cleaner with a plain water rinse can be used.

As strong and durable as terrazzo is, it is possible to damage it. If something very heavy is dropped on the floor, it could chip or crack. If walls have been moved in a redesign of the space, there will be holes in the floor when the sill plates were removed. Unlike some other types of flooring, the damaged area does not have to be removed and disposed of in our already overburdened landfill sites. Rather, the area can be repaired and restored using a mix of colors and aggregates to exactly match the floor after which the entire floor is ground and refinished. Restoration is often completed in a matter of a few days.

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Terrazzo Information Pack for Professionals

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