Terrazzo – Not Just for Floors

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Terrazzo is one of the most versatile solutions for various applications.   Architects and designers often favor terrazzo for its limitless color and design options and because terrazzo is durable, high-performing, low-maintenance and is primarily made of sustainable materials.

Terrazzo is comprised of aggregates such as marble, granite, quartz, and glass bound by either cement or epoxy to create a speckled pattern with a luxurious finish. Besides the design flexibility of terrazzo floors, it is now integrated into many architectural features such as benches, counters, and decorative wall panels.


Many designers choose Terrazzo for its aesthetic appeal. It can be a more cost-effective alternative to ceramic and some stone tiles.  Terrazzo offers a distinctive pattern that creates unique features.  The versatility of terrazzo often creatively inspires architects and designers.


Terrazzo is always the most practical choice for those who want durable flooring at a reasonable price. For its quality and price, terrazzo floors can compete with its stone and ceramic counterparts. It can last as long as the lifespan of the building and is unlikely to chip and crack. Many public facilities have terrazzo flooring in areas with high foot-traffic for this exact reason. Also, sealed Terrazzo is highly resistant to water and stain damage.


The color and design potential of terrazzo is almost limitless.  Terrazzo can be a great starting point to creating an aesthetic combination of flooring, wall claddings, stairs, and partitions.  Incorporation of decorative designs, including logos, official seals, compass, and maps is a popular capability of terrazzo.

Precast Stairs

Because terrazzo, whether poured or precast, is custom-made to specification, stairs can be manufactured in any size, design, or color to artistically complement the space.


Terrazzo’s resistance to water and stains make it ideal for countertops. Blending the room colors, including furniture and display, allows the creation of a dynamic color scheme.  For instance, wooden furniture and a touch of green plants can complement green and brown terrazzo countertops. 

Decorative Precast Panels

Many designers incorporate Terrazzo as a decorative element to beautify and accentuate the space, providing a bold and dramatic appearance. 


Terrazzo’s durability and high compressive strength make it perfect for both indoor and outdoor benches.

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Terrazzo Information Pack for Professionals

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