Terrazzo Lobby and Entrance Way Flooring

Terrazzo Lobby and Entrance Way Flooring

You may have noticed the beautiful designs and colors of the flooring when you step into an airport, business lobby, hospital, or school. An eye-catching lobby creates a favorable first impression with clients, customers, or visitors. 

With the endless design possibilities of terrazzo you will see that it is being used more and more with architectural designing. The color possibilities will allow any logo to be duplicated and displayed perfectly. Becoming quite popular is the use of school logos or company logos in the lobby or entrance ways. The versatility of the lobby design allows for different styles and impressions such as:

  • Clean and simple: One color with simple aggregate to imbue a clean space. 
  • Elegant and detailed: Patterns either complex or simple in design.
  • Bold: Bright colors with a company logo or school mascot/logo.

Another benefit of terrazzo flooring in lobby or entrance ways is that it can withstand high traffic. This is due to the extreme durability of terrazzo, which ranks high amongst different types of flooring. It can last several decades. Maintenance of terrazzo is very simple, the use of harsh chemicals is not needed. It is also environmentally friendly. The composition of terrazzo is non-porous and has a finish that does not support microbial growth. It also promotes a mold-free environment as moisture can not accumulate. 

These qualities make terrazzo an ideal choice for your lobby or entrance way.

To view more images of the enduring beauty of terrazzo flooring, please visit our gallery.

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Terrazzo Information Pack for Professionals

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