Terrazzo Installation at Westlake Dermatology at The Domain

Project details

This project consists of 16 custom made wall panels and matching interior floors. The field color selected was a cement gray color with large ¾” marble aggregate pieces. Each cementitious terrazzo panel boasts an extra thick width to accommodate the larger aggregate. They are 10 (ten) feet tall and one continuous curvilinear shaped panel.

The company’s logo, Westlake Dermatology, consists of water jetted letters made of brass and installed into the panel. The exterior walkway perfectly complements the striking curvilinear terrazzo panels. 

The interior flooring is 3,000 sq. ft and the exterior uses 400 sq. ft of precast terrazzo panels and additional 400 sq. ft of terrazzo exterior pavement. 

This project was completed on behalf of Structure Tone Southwest.

Location : Austin, Texas

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