Terrazzo Flooring in Medical Settings

Terrazzo Flooring in Medical Settings

Designers and architects have been choosing terrazzo flooring for its many benefits. Andreola Terrazzo & Restoration has completed a number of terrazzo supply and installation projects including hospitals and clinics.

Why Choose Terrazzo? 

There are key elements when choosing which type of flooring to use in a large structure including cost efficiency, durability, ease of maintenance, and aesthetic appeal. Inexpensive flooring isn’t always the best value as some types have high operating costs such as maintenance, repairs, and replacement. 

Some of the benefits of terrazzo include: 

  • Environmentally friendly 
  • Easily maintained
  • No harsh chemicals needed for cleaning
  • Durable, lasts for decades
  • Aesthetically pleasing 
  • Versatile in design and color 

Terrazzo in Medical Settings

Terrazzo is ideal in medical settings such as hospitals and clinics. Its versatility allows for limitless design options. For example, bright colors may be most appealing in a children’s hospital, whereas neutral colors may be more suitable for a hospice. 

The design and color choices available allow designers to incorporate corporate logos, symbols, colors, etc. Its flexibility and design versatility makes it easy for designers to come up with the exact architectural or artistic design desired. 

Terrazzo’s Sustainability 

Terrazzo is made of natural and recycled materials such as chips of post-consumer glass, marble, quartz, shells, granite, and other aggregates set in cement or in epoxy. Terrazzo contains zero VOCs and there is no off-gassing during or after installation. Terrazzo is an eco-friendly, sustainable choice often used in green buildings.

Durability & Low Maintenance

Refinishing terrazzo flooring can be expected to last for the lifetime of the building. With proper care, a terrazzo floor can be expected to last between 75 and 100 years.

Properly sealed, terrazzo is impervious to stain and water damage. It can contribute to cleaner air as it is non-porous. This helps to diminish moisture build up, mold, and bacterial growth. No harsh chemicals are needed for routine terrazzo cleaning. It only requires cleaning with plain water or gentle solutions in order to keep the initial appearance lasting decades

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Terrazzo Information Pack for Professionals

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