Easily Maintained Flooring in Texas

Terrazzo - Easily Maintained Flooring in Texas

Having a clean seamless look for your commercial or institutional building is an ideal choice. When you walk into a building that has beautiful clean floors you instantly feel the care and standards of that company.

You can especially appreciate when a high traffic area is maintained well, despite how many people travel through it. Having a lot of foot traffic means higher likelihood of the floor needing to be cleaned and maintained. Epoxy terrazzo flooring is highly durable and easily cleaned, perfect for a high traffic area. By choosing the color white it provides an open space. Although any color and design can be chosen when using terrazzo.

Maintenance for epoxy terrazzo flooring is simple and you don’t need arduous efforts to keep it clean. The sealing minimizes the buildup of harmful bacteria.This feature prevents degeneration of the flooring, helping it last for decades.

Terrazzo is scratch resistant, helping to cut down on maintenance and cleaning costs. This is one of the reasons why terrazzo is considered the top choice for flooring, staircases and corridors in commercial or institutional buildings.

Featured here is the Weatherford College Emerging Technologies & Workforce Building which is located in Weatherford, Texas. This terrazzo project consisted of 12,000 sq ft of white epoxy terrazzo flooring with two structural staircases. The staircases were made with terrazzo treads and expanded steel risers. The clean, durable lobbies, corridors, and staircases were chosen for their beauty and maintenance attributes. The clean lines lend to the architectural feel of the building. This project was finished in late 2021 by Andreola Terrazzo & Restoration, Inc.

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Terrazzo Information Pack for Professionals

Terrazzo Information Pack for Professionals

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