Terrazzo Cement Exterior – Terrazzo for Patio and Pool

Project details

Andreola Restoration & Terrazzo has completed a unique exterior and interior poured-in-place Terrazzo for a residence.

The unique exterior cement Terrazzo was installed and ground in place to provide a highly durable patio with continuous coverage throughout the covered and non covered patio area. The Terrazzo was also poured to extend to and around the pool areas.

A total of 2100 sq. feet of exterior Terrazzo was formed on a special slab designed just for our Terrazzo installation on a mud bed. The specialized slab was designed with not only thicker rebar but additional rebar usage which allows stretch, flexibility, and any movement to occur without damaging the Terrazzo.

The entire pool coping was poured in place with matching Terrazzo achieved by a specialized technique which involves pouring free formed sections. The sections were then ground in place to achieve the exact consistency throughout the Terrazzo patio.

The residence interior also contains 2000 sq. feet of matching white aggregate and white epoxy Terrazzo installed.

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Location : Texas

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