Low-Maintenance, Easy-Care Terrazzo Flooring

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There are so many benefits to terrazzo flooring. Its strength and durability, along with its unlimited design options and infinite color palette, make terrazzo a popular flooring choice.

It is also one of the easiest flooring types to clean and maintain.

Offices, restaurants, shopping malls, and other commercial and municipal establishments can get a great deal of foot traffic and a certain amount of dirt and spills deposited on the floor is inevitable.

A simple cleaning routine will keep terrazzo floors clean, fresh, and vibrant. Daily sweeping or dust mopping the floor will prevent any particles from scratching or being ground into the surface. Liquid spills should be wiped up as soon as possible, generally with plain water. If plain water isn’t enough to remove a stain, hand cleaning with a neutral cleaner diluted in water is recommended.

The amount of foot traffic will determine how often the floor should be washed. Lightly soiled floors can be washed with a clean string mop or sponge mop and plain water or a neutral cleaner. Heavily soiled floors can be scrubbed with a mechanical buffer (be sure to use non-abrasive pads). Any residue on the floor should be removed with clean water before the floor dries.

Only neutral cleaners should ever be used. Acidic, alkaline, or abrasive cleaners will etch and erode the floor’s finish.

Routine cleaning of terrazzo floors will help to keep them looking like new for a very long time.

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Terrazzo Information Pack for Professionals

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