From Dull to Dazzling: Unveiling the Magic of Terrazzo Restoration

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Andreola Terrazzo & Restoration restores and transforms worn-out commercial buildings into timeless, durable, and elegant architecture. Flooring, walls, stairs, seating, tables, desks, countertops, and planters all get repaired, restored, and polished to professional perfection.

By maintaining project control from beginning to end, we ensure our customers are kept in the loop and satisfied for years to come. A Terrazzo restoration involves the use of the latest technology, allowing for precise attention to the little details.

Whether it’s historic or modern architecture you’re looking to restore, our Terrazzo floor contractors ensure long-lasting premium solutions at a cost-effective price point.

Terrazzo Flooring Leaves No Room for Mistakes

The specialized process of Terrazzo restoration aims to revive flooring to be resilient, shiny, and durable. Not to mention, able to withstand high foot traffic and unexpected spills while being easy to maintain.

Terrazzo flooring delivers beautiful, appealing stylish designs to suit every company’s tastes. The composite flooring offers designers the freedom to play with different patterns, colors, and materials.

All visions are made possible with today’s advancements in technology. Installation time and costs associated with terrazzo are significantly reduced. The multi-stage process of flooring restoration involves 5 steps.

1. Inspection

First, our team of licensed, insured, experienced, vetted contractors evaluate the current condition of the floors. They look for damage signs like stains, cracks, or etch marks that require immediate attention. This is what will guide the course of action taken during the restoration process.

There may be underlying damage like loose tiles that point to structural issues with higher repair needs. Stains will require special treatment, too. Wear and tear areas will be identified (due to constant usage) that may need additional attention during the restoration process. Contractors will also ask you for information on any previous treatments.

2. Assessment

An assessment involves our contractors thoroughly inspecting and talking with you about everything they’ve identified. It’s here when Terrazzo flooring companies will be able to provide you with accurate estimates and explain the why behind every detail. Restoration strategies are presented to your floor’s needs and your unique vision.

3. Grinding

The first step in the restoration process is using grinding machines to remove the thin upper layer of the floor. Contractors will remove paint, dirt, epoxies, and other remnants left on the concrete. The grinder rubs against the top layer, leaving a smooth surface on the previous rough concrete, preparing the floor for further treatment.

4. Polishing

Also known as buffing, polishing is when a protective surface is placed on the floor to bring back its original luster. This step is repeated many times ensuring each round uses a finer grit for a high gloss finish.

5. Sealing

The last step is to fill the pores of the surface with polymer molecules, leaving a smooth surface that is water and dirt-resistant. The new sealed surface is much smoother, allowing dirt to be cleaned much easier. Moreover, the sealant provides a physical barrier between the dirt and the floor to prevent any permanent damage. 

Terrazzo Floors Dazzle

Terrazzo floors are known for artistic flair. So, whatever vision you have in mind, we turn to life by blending aesthetics with resilience. Our look is sophisticated and elegant. We use a composition of marble, granite, quartz, or glass chips set in concrete or resin, resulting in a luxurious finish.

Because of the varying materials, our color palette is diverse and versatile. We pride ourselves in enhancing commercial spaces with distinctive floorings.

Terrazzo is Incredibly Multifaceted

Whether it’s epoxy, cementitious, polyacrylate, rustic, or Venetian, terrazzo is a timeless material with its origins dating back to ancient Rome. Plus, property value is instantly increased for its low-maintenance and eco-friendly solution.

Moreover, the initial costs are offset by the longevity and low upkeep requirements, whether it’s high-end residences, commercial spaces, or public buildings. Thus, making terrazzo a cost-effective choice to suit long-term beauty and durability.

Look to Andreola Terrazzo & Restoration for Your Restoration Desires

At Andreola Terrazzo & Restoration, our team of dedicated professionals is committed to preserving the art and beauty of terrazzo flooring. Moreover, we offer premium solutions for restorations, as well as new installments. This is our specialty and passion, encouraging organizations and property owners to dream big.

Ultimately, our team, with decades of experience as leaders in the field, is equipped with the knowledge and skills to deliver top-quality service and results. Learn more about us to get inspired!

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Terrazzo Information Pack for Professionals

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