Endless Possibilities with Precast Terrazzo

Endless Possibilities with Precast Terrazzo

For those who want to expand the use of beautiful and durable terrazzo beyond flooring, precast terrazzo opens a wide range of applications.

Terrazzo consists of an aggregate of marble, granite, glass, quartz, and other suitable chips bonded with cement or epoxy. Cement can be pigmented to a wide range of colors and epoxy can be tinted to virtually any color of the rainbow to create an unlimited design palette. An important feature of terrazzo is that it is a homogenous mix throughout the thickness of the item so that as the item wears, the same particles are exposed. 

Precast terrazzo is created off-site by pouring the mix into a mold. The molds can be fabricated to many different shapes including curves and geometric forms. After the terrazzo has hardened, the mold is removed and the piece is ground smooth and polished. Because the casting is done at the manufacturer’s facility in a controlled environment, the quality of the finished product is assured.

One common application of precast terrazzo is stairs, including treads only, tread and riser, and treads with a different riser component. Precast stairs can include features such as mixed color schemes, anti-slip strips and inlaid patterns.

Benches, countertops, and tables are also popular precast terrazzo items. A cost-effective alternative to marble and granite, terrazzo offers a combination of beauty, design flexibility, outstanding durability, and ease of cleaning and maintenance.  Precast Terrazzo is perfect for commercial and institutional applications such as counters, desks, bar tops, and more.

Floor bases either to match or to complement the floor can be made from precast terrazzo in cove or straight configurations making precast bases cost-effective, time-efficient and visually appealing.

Like all poured and precast terrazzo, the color and design options of terrazzo wall panels and medallions are almost unlimited. The casting process allows for customs sizes, contours, and designs to provide a distinctive ambience to any décor.

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