Eco-Friendly Terrazzo

Commercial buildings have very specific requirements for their flooring.  It must be functional, durable and aesthetically pleasing.  There is also growing attention on environmental stewardship.  

Terrazzo offers a customizable solution for commercial buildings that is safe, compatible, and eco-friendly. Here are the most popular reasons that many designers and architects choose terrazzo as their go-to flooring option.

Terrazzo is Durable

Floors are subject to a lot of abuse and continuous foot traffic can take its toll on some types of flooring.  Terrazzo is a very rugged and durable flooring choice, generally lasting many, many years.  It is this durability along with its design flexibility and aesthetic appearance that make terrazzo flooring highly valued by many designers and architects. 

Here are some of the high-traffic commercial buildings where terrazzo continues to endure with style and grace:

  • Government buildings
  • Contractors offices
  • Schools
  • High-rise office buildings
  • Medical buildings
  • Malls
  • Airports
  • Museums
  • Outdoor tourist attractions

Natural and Recycled Aggregates

Terrazzo combines natural and recycled aggregates such as chips of marble, shell, glass, travertine and other types of naturally occurring minerals and substances. 

There are low to no Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) present in the material so no toxic chemicals or fumes are present during or after installation.

Terrazzo is Easy to Clean Without Harsh Chemicals

Terrazzo flooring is easy to maintain and the cleaning process for this eco-friendly material is even better.

The primary cleaning agent for terrazzo is plain water.  Not only will harsh cleaners damage the environment, they’ll also damage the terrazzo. 

Never use the following to clean terrazzo:

  • Acidic Cleaners
  • Vinegar
  • Alkaline
  • Bleach

All of these cleaning products will dull the shine of your terrazzo floor and could leave noticeable scratches.

Daily sweeping and damp mopping with plain water will not only keep the floors clean and shiny but will also save the environment from toxic cleaners.

Terrazzo is Restorable

Terrazzo flooring is a long-term solution.  It is incredibly durable with a typical lifespan of 75 to 100 years or more.

Should a terrazzo floor become damaged, there is no need to replace the floor.  Terrazzo floors can be restored, saving the trouble and expense of removal and replacement of the floor.  

The restoration process does not compromise the integrity or durability of the terrazzo. Each restoration will look like you installed a new floor every time.

To view the wide range of applications of versatile terrazzo, please visit our portfolio.  For a cost-effective, customizable, durable, and eco-friendly solution that fits all the requirements of commercial flooring, contact the experts at Andredola Terrazzo & Restoration at (972) 487-1919 or online.

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Terrazzo Information Pack for Professionals

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