Dressing Up Concrete

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Concrete is a durable, damp-resistant, and low maintenance flooring option that’s very suitable for institutional, industrial and commercial spaces. The downside of concrete is that it looks, well, like plain concrete. Some establishments such as schools, airports, hospitals and large outlets in the retail sector want a hard, long wearing, and attractive surface that costs less than terrazzo. The answer could be polished concrete.

Concrete is polished by grinding the surface to the desired smoothness, applying a hardener, and then polishing it. It can be polished to a matte finish, to a high sheen, or to any degree of glisten in between. There is not the endless array of color choices to choose from that terrazzo provides, but the concrete can be tinted to enhance the décor of the space.

There are numerous advantages of polishing existing concrete floor. Quite apart from the visual appeal, polishing the concrete helps to make it less susceptible to staining and the hardened surface increases the floor’s strength to make it less vulnerable to chipping.

Cleaning polished concrete floors is easy. All that’s required is to sweep it with a soft bristle broom or dust mop the floor regularly and wash it as required with a soft mop and plain water or a neutral cleaner. Bleach, ammonia, vinegar and other acidic or alkaline cleaners should never be used. They are corrosive and can ruin the finish of the floor. If you are using a cleaning solution, be sure to rinse it off thoroughly while it’s still wet. If the solution dries on the floor, it could cause hazing and discoloration. If using an automatic floor scrubber, use soft texture pads so as not to scratch or etch the surface. Spills on the floor should be cleaned up as soon as possible.

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Terrazzo Information Pack for Professionals

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