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Terrazzo is one of the most versatile materials for multiple applications such as floors, staircases, bases, counters, benches, and numerous architectural features. A tough and resilient material with an unlimited range of color and designs, terrazzo remains popular with decorators, designers and architects.

Terrazzo can be poured or precast, depending upon the application.

Precast terrazzo is created off-site by blending the aggregates into cement or epoxy and pouring the mix into a mold. The molds can be fabricated into many different shapes including curves and geometric forms. After the terrazzo has hardened, the mold is removed and the piece is ground smooth and polished. Because the casting is done at the manufacturer’s facility in a controlled environment, the quality of the finished product is assured.

Common applications of precast terrazzo include stairs, wall bases, some items of furniture such as tables and desks, and architectural features such as benches. Benches, countertops, and tables are also popular precast terrazzo items as are decorative wall panels, medallions and other design creations.

Terrazzo is used in a number of commercial and institutional settings and is also gaining popularity in residential applications.

Stain-resistant, chip-resistant and water-resistant, precast terrazzo is ideal for shower wall panels, countertops, and backsplashes. Marble and granite, both natural substances, are also durable and attractive but do not have some of the advantages of terrazzo. Marble is porous and is susceptible to scratching and staining. Granite is also porous and must be re-sealed each year to prevent stains that may be impossible to remove. Properly sealed terrazzo does not have to be resealed. Terrazzo is very low maintenance. Cleaning terrazzo is easily done, often with plain water. A very mild neutral cleaner can also be used.

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