Unique and modern
"Terrazzo provides a customized high-end look comparable to marble or granite, however with more color and design options, terrazzo is more durable and easier to care for. Best of all, it is a fraction of the cost!"
Creative Design
Specialized epoxy terrazzo techniques allow for any color and any pattern imaginable.
Beautiful & Durable
High shine that is simple to maintain and will last forever, even in high traffic areas.
Setting the Scene of Your Dreams
Foundation is the key to successful design. Build your vision from the floor up.
Timeless & Elegant
Originally crafted by the Venetians, terrazzo flooring lends itself to both traditional and contemporary ambiance.
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Andreola Terrazzo & Restorations Inc. is the leading provider of custom terrazzo flooring. Every step, from design to manufacturing and installation, is meticulously carried out both in-house and on-site to uphold our unwavering commitment to strict quality control measures.

For top-notch marble restoration in West South Central USA and New Mexico, choose Andreola Terrazzo & Restorations. Our expert team specializes in installing, restoring and reviving terrazzo stone flooring. Experience the beauty and elegance of your floors with our professional services. Trust us to bring new life to your cherished spaces.

 Andreola Terrazzo & Restorations also produces precast decorative terrazzo wall panels, precast stairs, terrazzo counter tops and benches.

With meticulous craftsmanship and attention to detail, we bring your vision to life. Experience the timeless beauty and durability of terrazzo crafted by our skilled artisans. Elevate your space with Andreola Terrazzo & Restorations.

Andreola Terrazzo & Restoration Inc.

Find out why designers, builders, architects, and contractors rely on Andreola Terrazzo & Restorations for the very best in artistry and affordable durability.

Our Service Areas

New Mexico
North Louisiana

Custom Artwork Integration

We specialize in crafting bespoke logos for your project! Explore our gallery to view exquisite samples of epoxy terrazzo flooring, the pinnacle of floor artistry.

Affordable & Durable

Terrazzo is the ideal option for a durable and long-lasting terrazzo floor restoration solution. Attain premium outcomes at a cost-effective price point.

Modern Beauty

Terrazzo flooring installations are not only ideal for floors but also serve as an excellent choice for seating, tables, desks, countertops, planters, and decorative architectural elements.

Easy to Care For

Terrazzo is easy to clean, provides simple long-term care, is slip resistant even when wet and always looks great.